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Instrument and equipment service and repair plus audio & video installation. Fast turnaround. Experienced technicians! Call 716-679-4333 to get your instrument in top playing condition.


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We have an amazing group of instructors! Drums! Guitar! Piano! And more! Pay as you go! Beginner to Advanced. Call for details. 679-4333

Our Story

We are everything ‘audio’ and so much more!   Our small family business was started out of our great love of music.  Because of that, we have the musician in mind. We started specializing in PA systems and have branched out from sound production to sales, rentals, installations, repairs, and lessons.

We are currently members of NAMM, volunteers with the Jamestown Lucille Ball Little Theater, and a dealer with Ingram Micro.  We have so much to offer that the possibilities are endless.   As our business grows and grows, we invite you to become part of the Chautauqua Audio Works family.

Inflatable Movie Screen Rental

Need something new and exciting to do this summer? Check out our “BIG” Screen. It is our inflatable movie screen that we rent out every summer for graduation parties, fundraisers, backyard family gatherings, and more! Possibilities are endless! It is overall 14x20. We bring this to your event with a projector, PA system, and DVD player. The only thing you have to bring is the movie and the popcorn! If you have not seen this yet you can find us at a park, library, church parking lot, or at your neighbor’s backyard. We have done all kinds of movies and presentations. Even Nintendo’s The Mario Brothers has been played on this screen. That was HUGE! We have different rental packages for your convenience and we have smaller screens available for smaller venues and budgets upon request. Contact us for pricing and availability today.

Matt Smith 2019 April Is Guitar Month Contest Winner

This is me with my (admittedly, hard to see), Aria Pro II, self-customized strat guitar. I know right? What’s an Aria Pro II? Never heard of it. Me neither. But the yard sale that was selling it for $10 roughly 25 years ago found a buyer. And I subsequently stripped it down to bare wood, applied green wood stain, polyurethane, filed some frets, removed some rust, added a new bridge Screamin’ Demon humbucker with a self-designed customized 3 position rotary switch for selectable wiring positions for it (standard humbucking, dual series single coil, and convention single coil pickup patterns). Topped it off with some fancy painting of my initials in the lower corner and some new tuning pegs. Stock bridge with whammy bar was worth keeping so it got reinstalled. My inspiration for playing is when my band mates give me crap about how long it’s been since we practiced or did a gig. So yes, my motivation to play is to shut them the hell up.

Paul Androchowsky 2019 April Is Guitar Month Contest Winner

Gibson Les Paul Studio, I’ve had her since day one. She was made in Nashville TN in 1991. I’ve always loved music, I can’t remember when it wasn’t in my life. When I was a kid my parents got me a cheap acoustic and set me up for lessons for one Summer at the local music store. I loved it, but the money got tight so the lessons stopped. But I still kept music in my life. Much later, 1989 or 90 I got back to the guitar, self taught play by ear. No patience to learn how to read music. I got the LP in ’92. I never modified it except for the pick guard. This year the bridge pickup and the volume pot gave out, I had a Kent Armstrong and a new pot put in. It was sounding muddy but Mike took care of it for me and now I have my girl back! I’m no pro, but I love to play and I’m glad I got to meet the great people at Chautauqua Audio Works!

TJ Calavera

I’ve had a lot of guitars come and go in my life but this one is my absolute favorite. This is Fosterus, my E-II FRX. I purchased this guitar about two years ago, changing the pickups to Seymour Duncan black winters and installed a killswitch. This was my first guitar that I bought new. Not used, not at a gear shop, straight from the factory. This guitar helped me write my first real album and I’ve crafted a lot of special memories with it. What motivates me to play is both the look of the guitar itself and the natural feel it has in my hands. I’ve played many guitars that felt great but this one feels made for my hands. I treat it like my best friend and I’m excited to see what else we can create together

Chris Lee

This is like asking me to pick my favorite child. I have 11 guitars. This is my last purchase from Nov 2017. It was my birthday gift to myself (w/ my wife’s blessing, of course). It’s an ESP LTD H-308 8 string. Most people know me and my love for metal. But I bought this guitar, not just to be extra heavy, but to play pop music. It’s all about the extended rage. I tune it Eb Bb Eb Ab Db Gb Bb Eb. That’s lower than a standard tuned 4 string bass. It provides me 6 octaves of Eb with the 24 fret neck and I use them all in a night.
I’ve been playing for over 25 yrs and playing this guitar is a great way to expand my playing. You are never too old to learn new things and push yourself creatively or technically. The quest to be a better guitarist never ends. I’m ready to go to a 9 or 10 string already. Somebody convince my wife please.

Dave Ahlquist

This is a Martin 000-28EC, the Eric Clapton signature model. It was given to me by a good friend who just flat out didn’t like it. He was turned off by the v-style neck, mostly. I play it almost every day. Not too shabby for a freebie, eh?

Brandon Kulp

Schecter Damien Elite with EMG 81 and 85 pickups. I’ve been playing off and on for close to 30 years but have been taking it quite serious for about the last 7or so. I was inspired by guys like Jimmie Hendrix, Randy Roads, Joe Satriani and Kirk Hammet. More recently jammining in a band with Michael Key has inspired me to be the best I can be.

Missy Parker

It’s an old photo, but a good one of “Emmy”. My 1986 Isle Green Fender Performer. Bought her brand new in 86. Still all these years later and many basses loved later ~ she’s still my favorite! All original…

Michael Key

This is a picture of me and my 2013 Gibson Les Paul Traditional Pro II. I purchased this guitar in 2013 at Guitar Center. This guitar is perhaps one of my favorite weapons in my arsenal. The coil tap set up on it makes it super versatile for many different tone set ups for many styles of music. I practice and play out with it frequently and have used it on several tracks on the latest album that my band has recorded. I’ve been playing guitar now for 31 years. I started playing guitar at 10 yrs old and was instantly inspired and become more inspired everyday. I own a few guitars. This is one of my favorites.

Dave Buck

Got this beautiful Gretsch semi hollow this past Christmas. This is a picture of me right after I opened the awesome gift from my mom

Noah Westfall

This is my newest! Epiphone Hummingbird Pro! My wonderful fiancée and her parents pitched in and got it for me for Xmas/birthday.

Kenneth Rader

This is Abigail, named for the King Diamond character. I’ve played better, but none have held my heart quite like her. She’s a BC Rich Virgin outfitted with an EMG 81. I’ve had her for nearly 20 years and still play her often.

Phil Conroy

Here I am with my trusty Ibanez gsr 200! I was looking for a quality light weight bass and tried this out. I have had it for about 8 years and more often than not you will see me playing it. It kicks out the jams nicely and is so light that I have no problem with a sore shoulder after 4 hours rockin’!

Nate Patterson

This is my beloved Purple People Eater. It’s been with me since I started to get serious about playing. The photo is circa 2009. An Ibanez Soundgear. Slimmest/ fastest neck you can imagine on a bass and great tones from the active eq. She has a few dents and scratches now. I have many other instruments but, this has always been my #1

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