Guitar Scales Bible: An Encyclopedia of 30+ Unique Scales and Modes: 125+ Practice Licks (Paperback)


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Change the Course of Your Guitar Journey – With Over 30 Scales And 125 Lick Ideas

You’ve got to learn your scales – The advice that changed the course of my guitar journey Guitar scales is the single most important thing that you can learn on the guitar. It can quickly elevate your guitar playing from a “person who plays guitar” to a “musician”. A good understanding of scales and the fretboard is all it takes to become the guitarist of your dreams.

Exploring Scales can be a daunting task

With all the confusing music theory behind scales and weird boxes patterns, it’ll take you years if not “forever” to master and explore all the scales out there A lot of potential musicians get caught up in these box patterns and never get to explore their true potential Being able to create music and soloing up and down the fretboard remains a distant dream

But with a little help…

A little help is all it takes You’ll soon see yourself crushing the fretboard and exploring territories of unheard emotion and music With the right guidance, you can easily go from “a person who plays guitar” to “musician” who can create magic at his will. A musician who can solo all over the fretboard without getting lost A skillful guitarist with bubbling licks under his fingers You too can become that guitarist

Discover the world of guitar scales

Music can be easy if you know your scales and can navigate the fretboard effortlessly That’s precisely what you’ll find inside this monstrous encyclopedia of scales Explore the world of guitar scales and discover musical treasures you never knew existed Here’s a summary of what you’ll find inside:

  • Explanations for each of the 30+ scales and modes
  • Whole neck and pattern diagrams for each scale
  • A “Take Action” section with lick ideas to make sure the theory hits practical playing skills
  • Free audio tracks for every lick in the book
  • All the theory you need – construction, formulas, notes and sprinkled secrets to get the best out of the scales
  • And a lot more…..

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