Baphomet’s Lounge

Baphomet’s Lounge was originally created in 1999 by metal fans Sex Martin and Rocco’s Tacos as a pseudo fan site/webzine

It languished for several years until Noel Stefan Stoyanoff decided to resurrect the site as a record label for those out there afflicted with the love for music.

Just like Rykodisk, Shout Factory, Rock Candy and Wounded Bird, Baphomet’s Lounge eventually intends to license, remaster and manufacture hard to find albums in order to feed the addiction of die hard CD collectors, like Stoyanoff, who’s CD collection is his pride and joy.

Pint Glasses

Freeze them and fill them with a beverage of your preference.


$10 – each

$35 – 4 pack

4 Pack

$50 – 6 pack

6 Pack

Drink Coasters

Promoting stain free furniture by using these snazzy coasters.


$1 – each

$5 – 10 pack


Protecting your drinks from the elements in these killer koozies.


$3 – each

$5 – 2 pack

$10 – 5 pack

Stay heavy…stay possessed,